Tips for Taking your Dog to Restaurants

Tips for Taking your Dog to RestaurantsFrom food truck parks to local hotspots with inviting outdoor patios, many restaurants now encourage patrons to bring along their canine companions. Unfortunately, even the most docile dog can snap and become aggressive. If you have a dog, make sure you’re protected with a Canine Liability insurance policy. Before you take him out to a restaurant, heed the following tips for taking your dog to restaurants. They will reduce the odds he’ll become overwhelmed and attack another dog or diner.

Be honest. As much as you love your pet, if he’s prone to aggression it’s wise to leave him home. If he’s a table beggar, consider leaving him home. After all, you won’t be able to enjoy your dining experience if you’re constantly reprimanding your pet.

Is he a Good Citizen? The American Kennel Club (AKC) has created a program called Canine Good Citizen. It is a training program followed by a 10-step test to foster obedience and good manners. Detailed information about the program is available on the AKC website.

Time your trip. If you are taking your pet to a restaurant for the first time, avoid prime dining times and head out when the restaurant will not be busy.

Be prepared. Just as parents bring goodies to keep their babies occupied at restaurants, bring props for your pet. Bring a collapsible water bowl, chew toy and treats. Make sure that your pet’s collar is firm and he won’t be able to slip out of it should he become spooked. Bring a leash you’ll be able to secure to the table or chair to keep your dog from running off.

Check your surroundings. Choose a table away from other dogs and small children that could provoke your pooch, and away from heavy foot traffic. Before settling in, look under and around the table to make sure there’s nothing your dog will find to snack on.

There are many reasons a dog may bite, and it’s not always 100% preventable. In addition to financially protecting dog owners from dog-bite claims, our Canine Liability Policy also covers other injuries to people, including scratches and fall injuries caused by dogs, and injuries to other animals. Please contact us today for more information at (855) 534-6495.